Main Features :

  •  Evenly chamfers the inside, outside and face of the tube simultaneously.
  • Different rotation speeds for various materials and requirements (pulley setup).
  • 2 steps chamfering process
    -First speed —Fast approach for time saving
    -Second speed—Infinitely adjustable chamfering speed for smooth finish.
  • EF-AC/115-U equipped with universal clamping system (prismatic) with 2 tube size ranges.
    -Ø40mm ~ Ø115mm.
    -Ø15mm ~ Ø40mm.
  • Optional chamfering seats for centering (solid bar).
  • Optional chamfering seats for small tube diameters (Ø6mm ~ Ø15mm).

EF-Single-Tube-End-Solid-Bar-Chamfering-specifications*Due to continuous improvement and designs, the manufacturer reserves the right to modify or make any change without notice.