Tube Circular Sawing Machine FA Series

FA: NC Servo Hydraulic Circular Sawing Machine

DR Line : Hydraulic Controlled Feeding.
Digital display of feeding length and programmable counter control panel with movement’s display for easy troubleshooting

NC Line : NC Servo Controlled Feeding + Touch Screen
Cutting length precision ±0.1mm

Main Features :

  • Standard with Speed Inverter for speeds of 22 ~ 108RPM
  • Electric Servo Feeding for ± 0.05 ~ 0.1mm Cutting Length precision (per stroke)
  • Capacity up to 127mm in Tube and 100mm in Solid Bars
  • Superior Gear Box design for maximum machine life and performance
  • Flexible Gripper Feeding + Floating Carriage allow for maximum feeding precision even in material which is not perfectly straight
  • Cutting Examples

–  O.D. 50mm solid bar, L = 150mm, cycle time is 28sec
–  O.D. 75mm steel tube, L = 139mm, cycle time is 11.5sec

FA-NC-Servo-Hydraulic-Circular-Sawing-Machine-model*Due to continuous improvement and designs, the manufacturer reserves the right to modify or make any change without notice.