Tube Benders – AUTO Series

CNC 2 Axis with NC Hydraulic Bending

Features :

  • CNC tube bending machine with capacities from OD10 ~ 90mm
  • Fully Automatic and Cost Effective
  • Equipped with 3 programmable axis

– Feeding  –  Electric Servo
– Rotation – Electric Servo
– Bending  –  Hydraulic NC

  • Standard with hydraulic pressure die assist
  • Equipped with Wiper, clamping and pressure die seats
  • Programmable early mandrel extraction system
  • Touch screen system and mobile control
  • Quick tool change system
  • NC programmable hydraulic bending precision up to +/- 0.2°
  • Automatic springback compensation
  • Data input by XYZ or YBC coordinates
  • Data storage and editing for multiple files
  • Automatic mandrel lubricating system (Optional)

tube-benders-auto-series*Due to continuous improvement and designs, the manufacturer reserves the right to modify or make any change without notice.