Semi-Automatic Band Sawing Machines H-V/T series

H-8276V/T & H-1100V/T
H-V/T series

V TYPE: Hydraulic Vise Feeding
T TYPE: Hydraulic Shuttle Table Feeding


  • Powered Movable Guide Arm (except H-360SA/H-5550/H-7050)
  • Power Driven Wire Brush
  • Variable Blade Speed Controlled by Inverter (except H-5550/H-7050)
  • Automatic Chip Conveyor Device
  • Hydraulic Blade Tension
  • Hydraulic Shuttle Table Feeding (T Type)
  • Hydraulic Vise Feeding (H8276V~H1100V) (V TYPE)
  • Idler Wheel Motion Detector with Blade Stalling and Breakage Shut-off
  • Less Blade Twist (H-360SA~H1010, except H8276V/T)