The most advanced filtration technology

Oil Filtration System

Oil Filtration System



  1. Use Grundfos pump.
  2. Use Siesmens controllers.
  3.  The system has been tested 24 hours from lots of users.
  4.  Customized design upon the request.
  5.  Tungsten carbide sludge can be collected fully, with an excellent filtering effect to 1  μm.
  6.  Magnetic separator can be installed while grinding HSS cutting tools.
  7.  When cutting oil viscosity at max. 5 cSt, the filter candles can be replaced after using 12000 – 15000 hours.
  8.  Upon request to choose oil cooling system with 7500cal, 9000cal & 15000cal. Temperature can be controlled ±1 degree or special requirement.
  9.  There are 2 sludge collected areas to increase the filtration efficiency and extend life of filter candles.
  10.  Use solenoid valve made in Italy, check valve and pneumatic valve.

FC-300A Oil Filtration System

FC-300BOil Filtration System

FC-300COil Filtration System

FC-300EOil Filtration System