MO Robo plasma cuts H-beam, I-beam and T-beams and U-channel and L-channels.

The MO Robo is a 3D robotic coping machine for structural steel that profile cuts with a plasma system.

The MO Robo series covers robot-controlled machines that are mainly intended for the comprehensive cutting of beams (H, U, L and I). Beams can be cut up to a web width of 1,220  mm and up to a weight of 12 metric tons. The machine is designed as a robotic plasma cutting machines that can 3D cut beams and channels.  The maximum dimensions can be seen in the table of technical data.

If the various workpieces – beams and channels – are to be profile cut with the plasma, the machines are equipped with 6 + 2 CNC-controlled axes. The workpieces are loaded onto the infeed conveyor by a crane, this conveyor can do the length measuring and clamping on the right position in the robotic cell. In the robotic cell the 3D plasma cutting is taking place and on the outfeed conveyor the profile cutted parts will be transferred out of the robotic cell.

MO-Robo Series

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MO-Robo Series