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No matter what your requirements are, Thaisakol Group has a great number of experienced & well-trained sales teams ready for serving you and guiding you the most ideal cutting tools whether the requests are on cost reduction, quality improvement or even troubleshooting. In case of finding a solution for a new application, the teams can visit and discuss some using tips on-site and gathering necessary information or even special requirements for further analysis to ensure the best solution to your needs.

Thaisakol Service Center is the largest and the most comprehensive after-sales service center in Thailand.

We have more than 70 units of high-quality machines and more than 50 of experienced staff ready for all kinds and all sizes of cutting tools used in the recent industries. The services also cover tool modification and tool inspection.

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Service Coverage

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Thaisakol Machinery is established for machines after-sales services powered by more than 20 experienced staff servicing machines in full functions from installation, operation training, spare parts center to repairing and maintenance service. The range of services covers from small to large-sized machines. The main building is also used as a fairground for new technologies preview and the event like open house where you can see machine demonstration and inspect the machines in running before making a decision.