Tube Circular Sawing Machine SA Series – SA-78NCE

Main Features :

  •  High Tensile Tube Cutting (up to 120 kg/cm²) with SOCO HTTM Saw Blade
  • High Speed Sawing: over 1500pcs output per hour
  • Standard with 6.5 meters Bundle Loading Magazine (MB6), optional 8.5 meters (MB8) and 12.5 meters (MB12)
  • Automatic separation of first and last cut vs. working pieces
  • First and crop cuts down to 25 mm
  • Quick Saw Blade Change system
  • 1 or 2 optional length stoppers with Digital Length Readout (2 length stoppers is optional)
  •  NC Control Length Stopper (AS Type – Automatic Stopper)
  • i2® Touch Screen Graphical Controls with Automatic Recommendation of Cutting Parameters. 3 ~ 5 minutes setup time between most tube sizes
  •  Capacity up to Ø76mm tubing, Sawing Lengths up to 2/3/4.5 meters
  • Electric Servo Controlled Feeding and Cutting

Sawing + Deburring + Length Measuring + Stacking
Sawing + Chamfering + Length Measuring

SA-78NCE*Due to continuous improvement and designs, the manufacturer reserves the right to modify or make any change without notice.