Tube Benders – A SERIES

Features :

  •  With SOCO’s unique DGT technology
  •  Rack pinion feeding
  •  Side positioned bending head and carriage
  •  Elongated bending neck
  •  Electric servo controlled axes
  •  Centralized greasing for sliding area
  •  2 speeds, early mandrel extraction
  •  Automatic mandrel lubrication
  •  Touch screen with IPC (Industrial PC)
  •  Single or multi-stacks
  •  Independence pressure die system for each bending stack
  •  Wiper die seat and lubrication
  •  May be equipped with optional Automatic Loading System (AF) and Automatic Unloading System (AUL)
  •  80mm and 90mm range may be equipped with SOCO DBS system (2C – Double Blades Shearing) (Optional)

A SERIES*Due to continuous improvement and designs, the manufacturer reserves the right to modify or make any change without notice.