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MO-Heavy Duty Series (For pipe OD up to 160”)

MO-Heavy Duty machines for 3D cutting large diameter pipes, boilers, pressure vessels, heat exchangers and tanks.

For round pipes and dished ends up to 4,064 mm(160″) in diameter and 30 metric tons in workpiece weight

The MO-Heavy Duty series comprises machines for round pipes and/or dished ends with a maximum diameter of up to 4,064 mm (160″) and up to a pipe weight of 40 metric tons. The technology is based on that of the MO-Classic series. Owing to the large workpiece  dimensions and weights, the machines of this series have an extremely solid design. The machines are all equipped with 6 CNC-controlled axes.

MO-Heavy Duty Series

Detailed information can be supplied on request.

MO-Heavy Duty Series