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MO-Classic Series (For pipe OD up to 80”)

The MO-Classic stationary 3D pipe profile cutting machine is a versatile and highly accurate profile cutting machine

For round pipes up to 2,032 mm (80″) in diameter and weight up to 30 metric tons

The MO-Classic series covers our classical machines primarily for round pipes with a maximum diameter of up to 2,032 mm (80″) and up to a pipe weight of 30 tons. We offer this machines series in different machine models for different diameter ranges. This series is also suitable for square & rectangular pipes optionally. The maximum dimensions for square & rectangular pipes can be seen in the table of technical data.

Thanks to numerous technical optional extras, these technologically complex machines can be individually adapted to customer’s specific needs. The various machines of the MO-Classic series can be equipped with up to 7 CNC axes, standard the machine has 6 CNC axis if it is build only for round workpieces. The 7th CNC axis is necessary for cutting square & rectangular pipes. 

MO-Classic Series