CNC Machining Center 3-AXIS to 5-AXIS

Applicable Industries

  • Industrial extruded aluminum machinery equipment
  • Copper alloy machining equipment
  • Aluminum door, window and heavy curtain wall equipment
  • Metal machining equipment
  • Acrylic and Bakelite board machining
  • Plastic extruded product machinery equipment
  • Plastic door and window machining equipment
  • Fiberglass machining equipment
  • Square and round paper tube machining equipment
  • The angular head can be swiveled to 95՞ rightward and leftward, making it suitable for angular drilling and tapping operations. Also suitable for face milling and multi-surface machining in one setup
  • Swiveling degree is adjusted through computer control. Minimum indexing angle is 5՞
  • A tool clamp/release button is provided on the angular head
  • Built-in type spindle features high accuracy, low vibration, low noise and no backlash