3 and 4 Axes CNC Machining Center


• The angular head can be swiveled to 90° rightward and leftward, making it suitable for angular drilling and tapping operations. Also, suitable for face milling and multi-surface machining in one setup.
• Swiveling degree is adjusted through computer control. Minimum indexing angle is 1°.
• A tool clamp/release button is provided on the angular head.
• Integrated type spindle features high accuracy, low vibration, low noise and no backlash.

Machine Features

• The spindle head can be tilting Axis : ±±90゚. It‘s suitable for angular milling , drilling and tapping operations.(Front and Back)
• Tilting degree through computer control.
• A tool clamp / release button is provided on the angular head.
• Integrated type spindle features high accuracy.
• Specifically for aluminum material, POM, light alloy cutting, drilling, slotting, machining.
• Tempering treatment heavy base keep strong and accuracy.
• German CAM software and vise automatic positioning function, make the 4 axis machining process more simplify.
• Choice of X-axis travels: 3,500/4,500/5,500/6,500mm.
• Table type: vise
• ISO 30 spindle speed: 18,000 RPM
• 8-tools disk type magazine.(Opt. 12 tools)
• Travelling column design features increased machining efficiency and accuracy.
• Three axes are equipped with high precision linear guide ways.
• Y&Z axes ball screws are directly coupled with servo motors.
• Syntec controllers-PC-based.
• Fully enclosed splash guard (optional).

Applicable Materials

• Aluminum
• Other non-ferrous metals

Applicable Industries
• Public transportation , aluminum , light alloy profile processing.
• Aerospace industry
• Long-shaped aluminum profiles
• Square tube profile cutting, drilling, slot milling.
• Aluminum doors and Windows industry
• Curtain wall(glass wall)
• Extruded aluminum machining
• Long material parts
• Frame car parts

4 AXIS Schematic diagram

3 and 4 Axes

3 and 4 Axes

3 and 4 Axes